The Best Way to See Alaska

The Best Way to See Alaska

Tips for Cooking in an RV

Road trips are often fueled by junk food and PB and J sandwiches, but that doesn’t have to be the case. One of the big benefits of outdoor adventuring in an RV is having access to a kitchen. With a little pre-planning and a few tips, you can become the star of your own road cooking show.

Relaxing in camp

What To Pack

ABC Motorhome will provide you cookware, plates, and utensils for your rental. So you will only need to provide your food. Anchorage is the largest city in the state, and there are several locations of Fred Meyer, Walmart, and Carrs-Safeway grocery stores for picking up supplies. There are also two Costco and Sam’s Club locations and in town for larger bulk purchases.

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Your rental will have a refrigerator, but perishable items should be purchased in smaller quantities and eaten soonest. It is fairly easy to replenish these sorts of items on the road. If you want to buy in larger quantities, think non-perishable or non-refrigerator items. Oatmeal for breakfast with some dried fruit and nuts added to it is a great example. Fruit is another thing that can be purchased in bulk and doesn’t need refrigeration. Creating a meal plan ahead of time will help you get the most out of your grocery supplies.

Recipe Ideas

Cooking on the road can be anything from easy comfort food all the way to top end gourmet meals. The choice is yours. The Go RVing website offers some really great recipes to fit any cooking level you’re comfortable with. ABC Motorhome’s facebook page also posts a Recipe of the Month to help you with cooking ideas.

Book your rental now and start planning all the gourmet camp meals you’ll be making this summer!

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