The Best Way to See Alaska

The Best Way to See Alaska

A Unique & Extreme Alaskan Experience

Alaska Snowboard Guides


Some people come to Alaska seeking quite solitude in the wilderness, but others come for something completely different.  The vast mountain playground of the Chugach offers thrilling adventures for those who dare.  With the help of our friends at Alaska Snowboard Guides (ASG), you can participate in a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

ASG is a heli-skiing and snowboarding company operating out of Valdez, Alaska.  This experienced group of professionals from the world of snowboarding and skiing began operating in the Chugach in 2011.  After years of working with other guide companies and seeing clients not get to complete the runs they were expecting, they have put together packages to maximize your opportunities to experience this amazing landscape.  Week long packages are available from March 13th until April 24th.



Renting an RV for your drive and stay in Valdez is a great way to enjoy the epic views of Thompson Pass while enjoying the amenities of home.  This unique Alaskan town is a five and a half hour drive from Anchorage and features some of the most spectacular scenery around.  Once there, you can set up camp right next to the helipad.


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