The Best Way to See Alaska

The Best Way to See Alaska

Tips for Taking Better Photos with Your iPhone

App IconsPeople are now taking most of their vacation photos using their iPhones. While some of your Alaskan adventure pictures might accidentally turn out great, there are some easy things you can do to ensure that you get the best pictures possible. In honor of our Summer Photo Contest, here are some great ideas to put in to use right away.


Chugach trails  Anchorage refuge  Prospect Heights trail

First there are the basics:

  • Use both hands or a tripod for stability in your pictures.  You can even use the Apple earbuds that came with your phone as a remote.  Plug them in and hit the up volume to take pictures.
  • Keep your lens clean.  Nothing will wreck your impromptu shots quicker than a fingerprint smudge over your beautiful landscape or fun selfie.
  • Turn the camera grid function on.  That can be done by going in to the settings for the camera.  It will allow you to compose your shots with an expert eye.
  • Holding down the shutter will take multiple shoots very quickly.  This gives you the opportunity to choose the best ones.

Then there are the more advanced techniques for better photos:

  • Keep your photos simple.  Don’t have too much going on in the picture because it distracts the viewer from what you really want to show.
  • Try shooting from a lower angle.  Using this trick adds more interest to your subject because it’s not how things are usually seen.  It also can allow you to do things like use the sky for a dramatic background.
  • Show depth in your photos by including items at different distances.  A flat landscape is not as interesting to the eye as one that includes items that give scale to the picture.
  • Align your subjects diagonally and think about the symmetry of the shot.  This is where the grid setting on your phone comes in very handy.
  • Shoot kids and pets from their height.  A lot of iPhone pictures are taken from the chest height of an adult, but getting down to the level of your subject will make a more dramatic shot.
  • Use light creatively.  Look for interesting shadows to include in your shot, or shoot against the light source to make silhouettes.
  • Reflections in the picture can add interest.  Look for opportunities to include reflections from glass, shiny cars, ice, or water for example.
  • Get closer to your subject instead of using digital zoom if possible.
  • Use black and white to add more drama to your shots.

Here are some additional resources for tips and examples:

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