The Best Way to See Alaska

The Best Way to See Alaska

Create a Travel Journal

Turnagain Arm from Girdwood, AK
"TurnagainArm from GirdwoodAK" by Dave LaForest

Traveling is an experience that everyone wants a way to remember.  Tans fade, but a travel journal is a way to keep those memories alive forever.  Here are some great ideas for creating your Alaskan adventure travel journal this summer.

Simple Diary Covers
"Simple Diary Covers Fan300x300" by Philipp Keel

Pick Your Medium

There are a couple options you can use to keep track of those precious travel memories.  You can use traditional journals that are available in a wide variety of retail locations.  These “blank books” often offer closures and pre-decorated covers.  You may even find some labeled specifically for travel that will give you writing prompts.  But you can make a travel journal out of any notebook.  Composition books have the advantage of being very inexpensive and with some glue and creativity, you can customize one for every member of the family.

Technology also offers solutions for keeping travel journals.  You can do it via a personal blog or photo site that allows friends and family to follow your adventures in real time.  One thing to be careful with when using this option is to realize that what you’re sharing will be in the public space, so keep it general.

Writing Ideas

Now you have your journal and you’re paralyzed with writer’s block.  But never fear, here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

  • Write the name of the location down the left hand side of the page, think of descriptive words or sentences that start with each letter.
  • Paste in a postcard from that day’s location and write about what it means for you.
  • Make a list of the 5 best things that happened to you on that day.
  • Record moments, not simply recaps, from the day.
  • Collect any tickets, flyers, maps, etc. that will help you remember the day and paste them in to the journal with your writing.
  • Anything that comes to mind!!

Just remember that a travel journal is a personal memento of your journey.  It’s not a school assignment that is going to be marked down for not including something.  There are no word minimums and no penalties for spelling mistakes.  Let go and have fun!

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