The Best Way to See Alaska

The Best Way to See Alaska

Bear Watching in Alaska

Grizzly Bear Alaska




Many visitors to Alaska come with hopes of seeing the abundant wildlife. One thing our stateis known for is a large bear population.  If seeing one of these majestic creatures is on your bucket list, here are some spots on the road system that can give you the opportunity to fulfill that dream.



Viewing Safely

Bear viewing can be done safely and correctly.  Watching and photographing bears from a distance allows you to observe natural behavior, while both you and the bears feel safe.  Be a neutral part of the environment and remember these helpful tips:

  • If you encounter a bear, stand your ground, even if it approaches.  Never run from a bear, as the action may encourage it to chase you.  If it’s not approaching, back away slowly and give the bear space and access to its fishing hole and trails.
  • Never offer a bear food or let one take food from you.
  • Keep your personal belongings with you.
  • Use binoculars and or a telephoto lens.  Don’t stalk bears or try to get up close to them.
  • Stay on the trail or roadway and remain in close groups.
  • Never try to attract a bear’s attention with food or loud noises.

All of these tips help reduce disturbance to the bears and their habitat and helps them experience predictable human behaviors.  You can also book a guided tour with an established company that knows bears well and can direct you through any situations that might arise. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation center in Portage offers the opportunity to see bears up-close in a more controlled environment.

Identifying Bears

There are two types of bear you may see on the road system in Alaska:

    • Black bears – These bears are found in forested areas. They have Roman noses are shorter more curved claws than brown bears.

Black Bear .........2

  • Brown bears – These bears have a rounder face than a black bear, and a noticeable muscular hump at the shoulder.  Brown bears have feet that are twice the average size of a black bear.

Grizzly Bear foraging

Viewing Hot Spots

  • Russian River Falls (June to Mid-September) – The Russian Lake Trail begins off the Russian River Campground access road in Cooper Landing (mile 52 of the Sterling Highway).  The falls are a 2 mile hike to spectacular salmon viewings and potential bear sightings.
  • Hidden Creek (Late July to Early August) – Hidden Creek is a sockeye salmon spawning area that attracts bears to feed on nearly 30,000 fish that pass through.  A good spot to see bears in the area is at the Skilak Road crossing over the creek near the Hidden Lake Campground turnoff.  Park your RV on Skilak Loop road about 100 yards on either side of the creek and wait.

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