The Best Way to See Alaska

The Best Way to See Alaska

Still Plenty of Camping Fun in the Autumn

First Snow


The weather may be changing, but you don’t have to put away your camping gear just yet.  There are still plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure during the fall season.  With some easy planning, you can continue to get the most of the Alaskan outdoors before the snow flies.

Fall is an excellent time to get in some last minute camping in Alaska.  Lower temperatures and less insects can make hiking more pleasurable.  Also, with school starting crowds also die down in the more popular spots creating more chances for wildlife sightings.  Here’s more of what you need to consider when planning your fall camping trip:

  • Check the weather forecast before you go:  Don’t let the challenges of fall weather in Alaska keep you from camping.  Look at forecasts ahead of time for the area you want to visit.  This will help you pack accordingly.
  • Pack layers:  Fall is known for rapid temperature changes, so pack layers of breathable and water resistant clothing.  If you’ll be backpacking on your trip, remember that extra clothes do add extra weight to your pack.  Essential items to remember:
    • Thermal underwear
    • Warm hat
    • Gloves
    • Extra shoes
    • Winter jacket
  • Prepare for rain and snow:  It often rains in Alaska during the fall, and depending on your elevation you may run in to light snow.  Bring extra plastic garbage bags for lining backpacks or holding wet items.  Have the ubiquitous Alaskan blue tarp along if you need to set up a quick dry area around your campsite.   And it’s always a good idea to have extra blankets and a snow shovel (just in case).
  • Arrive early:  The fall days in Alaska are definitely getting shorter.  So plan on arriving to your location early to enable you to have plenty of daylight for set up.

Alaska Waldgrenze

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