The Best Way to See Alaska

The Best Way to See Alaska

How to Travel with Kids in Your RV

Summer is in full swing and many families are out enjoying the natural beauty of Alaska in their RV.  Whether you own an RV or are renting one for your dream trip to the state, it can be tricky to keep the kids occupied on the way.  Following are some great tips on how to make your next RV adventure fun for the WHOLE family.

Let the Kiddos Help Pick the Route

Getting the kids on board right from the beginning can go a long way towards keeping the "I'm boreds" at bay.  Before settingWonder Lake, Denali Park out, take a look at publications like The Milepost Magazine.  It has great pictures and information about interesting routes and things to see along the way.  You can take a copy along with you and let the  kids keep track of where you are and the stops you have planned. 

Have Some In-Vehicle Activities Planned

Road games are a staple of any driving based vacation.  Come to the trip armed with some activities that everyone can participate in.  Some examples include:

  • I-spy
  • License plate bingo
  • Highway alphabet soup

There are also some great resources on-line for printables to bring along with you on the trip.

Pack a Favorite Item

Before you leave on your adventure, have each kid pack a favorite DVD, game, or toy.  For older children, it might be one electronic device.  There will be distractions along the route, but sometimes that little bit of home helps get them through the slow times.

Keep a Travel Journal

This might be the trip of a lifetime and you want to make sure the kids really remember it.  Keeping a travel journal can help them do that while also keeping them engaged along the way.  It's also appropriate for younger and older children.  Supplies you'll need:

  • A notebook - composition books are great for this and can be bought fairly inexpensively.
  • Colored pencils or crayons - depending on the age level.
  • Adhesive - glue dots are a clean and easy alternative to traditional glues and can be found in most craft stores

Pretty much any supplies you would use for scrapbooking are appropriate for this activity.  Kids can add leaves, make drawings, write stories, keep fliers and tickets, take pictures, or anything that strikes their fancy during the trip.

Listen to Audiobooks

If you have avid readers or listeners in your group, audiobooks are a great way to pass the time while driving.  There are many sites that offer downloads of books, and most book stores offer CD versions of books to play in the RV.  Let everyone pick one book and you all will get the benefits.

Summer Camping TripRent Your Alaskan RV

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