The Best Way to See Alaska

The Best Way to See Alaska

Fall is One of the Best Seasons to Plan Your Alaska Visit

Most visitors to Alaska plan their trips around our famous midnight sun. The thought of daylight for 18 plus hours is rather alluring. But for those willing to think a little outside the box, September and October can offer some great experiences for your Alaska dream vacation.

Road to Chena in September

Most of the 1 million annual visitors to Alaska come during the height of tourist season: June, July, and August. And that rush of people means that reservations can be hard to come by and prices can be considerably higher. Visiting in the fall can give travelers greater access to campgrounds, and many tour operators have shoulder season specials on popular stops. The lower number of travelers also means you will have the opportunity to experience a truly individual experience with nature while hiking and taking photos.

Alaska is not well known for its fall colors, but rest assured, they are spectacular. Denali Park, in particular, puts on a fantastic show for visitors in September and October. You’ll see hardwood trees in various shades of yellow and orange, while the low plants of the tundra turn a deep crimson. All of that is then set against snow-capped mountains. The weather in Alaska during this time is generally is warm and clear days with colder nights. There is also a better than average chance to see the Northern Lights at this time.

Denali Park in fall colors

September also has a late salmon run on the Kenai, and you will have less pesky mosquitos flying around. Autumn is the mating season for big game like caribou and moose, so they are frequently seen in open areas. Migrating birds can be seen in large groups and migrating whales are often spotted during the fall. Hares, fox, ptarmigans, and lemmings are beginning to turn white for the winter. If wildlife viewing is high on your list of activities, the fall season is perfect.

Grizzly bear in Denali Park

The best and most convenient way to get out and see all that Alaska has to offer during the fall shoulder season is to rent a motorhome from ABC. We can help you plan an amazing trip that will tick off all your Alaska bucket list items.

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