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21-foot Motorhomes

We all hate having restrictions, but just because a shoestring budget may reduce your vacation options, it doesn’t eliminate them altogether. With one of ABC Motorhome & Car Rentals’ RVs, you can look forward to the views outside your window without worrying about the cost. We are even willing to help with suggestions of places to visit so that you make the most of your RV vacation in Alaska.

21-foot Motorhome (*Length May Vary)


  • Sleeps 4
  • Generator Included
  • Full Kitchen
  • DVD Player
  • Queen Bed
  • Over Cab Bed
  • Dinette
  • Full Bathroom w/ Shower & Toilet
  • Air Conditioning

Our all-inclusive rates mean your motor home rental will provide you with nearly all the necessities to enjoy your Alaskan adventure. Along with our 21-foot motorhomes, we also have a variety of 24-foot RVs, 30 to 32-foot RVs, and smaller truck campers available for rent. For more information about these or any of our other vehicle options, call us at 800-421-7456.

Fantastic Views for the Lowest Cost

You’ve no doubt seen mesmerizing panoramic photographs of the Alaskan wilderness that can only be described as sheer tranquility. Those photographs, while beautiful, are nothing compared to reality. Instead of staring at a motionless landscape on print, come enjoy the actual view from Anchorage or any other Alaskan area. Overlooking numerous mountain ranges, Anchorage has tons of peaceful camping locations for you and your family. And with one of our motor home rentals, we give you the freedom to test the water and find your own peace of mind. Remove mileage restrictions from the equation, and you truly have freedom to go wherever you want.

Of course, those who are a bit more conscious of their budget are probably wondering about the expense. RVing around the state is actually the most affordable way to vacation, as you can bunch lodging and transportation costs into one. Our motorhomes are also completely self-containing vehicles, allowing you to pay only for food, propane and gas as you enjoy some R&R.

Reserve an RV for your Alaska Vacation now!

So unpack once and see Alaska at your own pace with the help of an RV from ABC Motorhome. To obtain more information about our policies and rental options, contact us at 800-421-7456 or request a reservation online. Along with our vehicle rentals, we also provide RV sales and repair services. We look forward to doing business with you.